Innovating, envisioning and motivating in a parish setting: Christ Church, Woking, Guildford Diocese

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Vicar of Christ Church, Woking, Revd Peter Harwood, is happy to admit: “I need to have people around me to do the things I’m not very good at.”

Considering his staff the experts, he doesn’t “interfere” but has set up a weekly Pastor’s Board to help communication and coordination of the various ministries. This also gives him a regular opportunity to support the team, and offers space to reflect on what has and sometimes hasn’t gone well.

In terms of leading volunteers, his approach is to release those who have the passion and gifts to put things into place.

If someone has an idea or vision in line with our values, generally I encourage people to run with it; I try to have a “can do” attitude. It’s good to give people responsibility, sometimes risky, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Releasing people and equipping them makes for a positive organisation, for change and for growth.”

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