Focus on Discipleship: Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells, Rochester diocese

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Re-launching home groups as “Life Groups” was a significant move for the Revd Howard Flint when he was appointed as Vicar of Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells eight years ago.

After all,” Howard says: “it is our hope and prayer that people will find life – a life centred on Jesus.”

Now there are 16 Life Groups and between 60% and 65% of the congregation belong to one – Howard would like it to be even more.

Life Groups are characterised by three things - members should feel that they are loved fully; belong fully and are growing together with others.  Groups (of around 14 people) use materials from the previous Sunday’s sermon.  The idea is to explore, be challenged and in Howard’s words, “chew over the message and ask how it applies to me.”

 “Sunday teaching is great but taking that message and working through it and how it makes sense in everyday life is vital. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

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