Changing for Good: St Michael's, Tonge-cum-Alkrington, Manchester Diocese

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At St Michael’s, Tonge-cum-Alkrington, an over-flowing Sunday School has led to a new service for families being introduced.

Revd Maureen Thorp explains: “With a popular church school, lots of children were coming on Sunday morning; we realised that we needed to offer an alternative; to be open to change.”

We asked parents as we wanted to find something which would fit around their lifestyles, not just provide something and hope people would come. We were ready to go with what suited them in terms of timing and this turned out to be 6pm on a Sunday evening.”

The informal all age service now regularly attracts between 40 and 90 people.

The change has been welcomed by the church who see it as a positive development” says Maureen, “most of our members have recognised that it’s good to offer something different and are delighted to see more people coming as a result.

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