A Parish Prayer

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A Parish Prayer - St Mary's Partington & Carrinton, Chester Diocese

While prayer is not mentioned specifically in the research findings, it is an integral part of our faith and Christian discipleship. Through prayer we open ourselves to God; we immerse ourselves in His presence; we seek and discern His will and we bring our requests before Him. Prayer unites us, strengthens and envisions us as we live out our daily lives.

Some parishes have found it helpful to write a prayer and pray it regularly together. As you reflect on growth in your setting you might consider doing the same.

The Revd Peter Geddes, Vicar of St Mary’s, Partington and Carrington, in Chester Diocese, explains how writing a prayer led to a clearer vision for growth in this parish:

As we considered our journey and vision for growth, we went through a process of listening and discernment and decided to turn our vision statement into a prayer. We pray this prayer regularly every week, and it is now familiar to people. Over time, it has helped everyone in the church family to remember, understand and come together to own the vision we have to grow as a church.”

Below is the prayer created by St Mary's to help them focus on growth.

Ever living, ever loving God,
we give you thanks for our Church Family.
Grant that we may become
a vibrant, Spirit filled, Christ centred Church;
which is faithful to Scripture,
rooted in prayer
and where all age groups are represented,
as we give glory to you our God
in our worship and in our lives.

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